Boy Meets World Star Maitland Ward on Transition in Two Award

Acclaimed adult film artist Maitland Ward is opening up about her experiences as one of the stars of Boy Meets World. That to mention her recent transition into the world of porn and her larger artistic goals within the medium.

The adult film work received several accolades from the AVN Awards and XBIZ

Ward, whose adult film work has received numerous accolades from the AVN Awards and XBIZ. released her new book Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood this month. In it, Ward reflects on her years spent playing Rachel McGuire on the Disney hit. And what kind of role she was able to pigeonholed as a result. The latter inspired him to move to a field that eventually led him to become widely cited as one of Porn’s most sought-after stars.

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How was used as a sexual prop

They wanted me to be this sexual butt of jokes on the show, but at the same time, they were saying it. Oh, we’re not doing that—and you shouldn’t be doing this outside of work. The double standard often employed by the writers on the Ward series is remembered. At the time, Ward said, she was not aware of how her character was “used as a sexual prop” in the series. Some of the scenes were deliberately designed, Ward said, to fulfill the writers’ “fantasies.”

A new interview with the Daily Beast

And nobody came and sexually assaulted me or anything, but it always was. Let’s see him,” he told Marlo Stern. “I think he fantasized about it in the writers’ room. And every week they put me in a different position that had a sexual undertone. In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Ward detailed his continuing ambitions within porn. Including with museum director Cayden Krauss. details his inventive work and some of his negative experiences during his Boy Meets World era.

Ward also has big plans for his new book

In addition to his and Cayden’s shared purpose of bringing mainstream film and porn “totally” together. Ward has big plans for his new book, too. Including a possible sale of the rights to a potential biopic. She also released a name for the Daily Beast, which featured her in the Boy Meets World section of the story. Stranger Things and The Whale star Sadie could have been pictured during the sync. In August, Ward and Cross launched the five-part feature Drift. Check out the recently released SFW teaser below.

Ward Briefly Explains He’s Sex-Positive

In a separate interview with Page Six shared over the weekend, Ward talked about this even more definitively. How this chapter of his career has been the most rewarding. Speaking on the low probability of such a trajectory being carried out successfully. Ward summarized how far she’s come by pointing out the importance of being sex-positive. The film, billed as a “dark” psychological journey centered on a Metaverse attack, is set for release next year.

Not just a sex tape or something, you know?

“You wouldn’t think of a Disney star when she was younger. She would become a top porn star,” Ward told the outlet, which also shared a Rated X excerpt. Not just a sex tape or something, you know? Like a real, substantial, award-winning porn star, earning more money and having more credibility and respect. which she did when she was young.” In March, Ward was announced to have secured the lead in Sonja O’Hara’s upcoming film.

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