Booker T Responds to Fans Leaving Jeff Hardy After Latest DUI

Jeff Hardy was arrested last Monday morning for a DUI. This is Jeff’s third DUI arrest in the last ten years. In the Hall of Fame podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time World Champion Booker T urged fans not to write to the three-time World Champion during this difficult time.

This is Jeff’s third DUI arrest

“Don’t give up on Jeff Hardy,” said Booker T. “It’s not time to leave Jeff Hardy, it really isn’t. It’s really time to be the Jeff behind Jeff Hardy we all know and love more than anything.”

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Got a doctor’s appointment for a brain scan

Booker T said, “To pull him over and the cops asked him, you know where he’s going and he said he had a ‘doctor’s appointment for a brain scan’.” “I’m like. What the fuck? Do you know what I mean? Two days later he’s got a ladder match and he’s got a doctor’s appointment for a brain scan?”

Jeff Hardy is to be released by WWE on December 9, 2021

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE on December 9, 2021. When Hardy stood out from the crowd after attending a match at a live event. After his non-compete segment ended, Jeff made his AEW debut, helping his brother Matt Hardy defend himself from attack by Andrade, Private Party, The Butcher, and The Blade. By doing this Jeff signed with All Elite Wrestling.

After the arrest of Jeff, the owner, and CEO of AEW

Following Jeff’s arrest for DUI, AEW’s owner and CEO, Tony Khan, announced that Jeff would be suspended without pay for his alleged actions. Tony Khan also noted this in the statement. That Jeff could come back only if he had completed the necessary treatment and maintained sobriety.

Wife Rebi revealed in a video

Matt Hardy’s wife, Rebby, revealed this in a video. That the night before Jeff’s arrest, he requested that he asked the promoters of the event not serve Jeff of any kind. Reby also shrugs off the idea that he and Matt enabled Jeff in any way.

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