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Bomb Blast in Ludhiana Court Chaos All Around

A blast took place in a Ludhiana court on Thursday, in which two people died. The blast took place on the second floor of the court.

The bomb blast took place in Ludhiana court premises on Thursday

Two people have died in the blast. Let us tell you that when this blast took place in the Ludhiana court premises, there was a strike going on, so the number of lawyers was less. Otherwise, there could have been a big loss. Let us inform you that the Chief Minister is reaching Ludhiana after the accident.

when the explosion happened

Many people including lawyers were present on the court premises. There was a stir in the premises after the blast. The blast so strong that the windows of the lower floors broke. At present, the police have reached the spot and started an investigation. It will be known only after an investigation who did this blast and with what. The entire building damaged due to this blast. Assembly elections are to be held in Punjab in the coming few months. At such a time, such a blast in the court premises raises questions on law and order.

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Ludhiana Police Commissioner Gurpreet Singh Bhullar said

The commissioner said that the anti-bomb squad and forensic teams are reaching the spot. There is nothing to panic. We will give more details after the investigation. At present, the area is sealed. The statement of Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has also come regarding the blast. He said that as elections are approaching, anti-national forces are doing this. We will not spare the guilty. I am going to the spot.

Police reached the spot after the blast

It can be seen in the video that the police have reached the spot and are doing their investigation. Goods are seen scattered in the court premises and people are also seen running from here to there. Some videos from outside the court premises have also surfaced. A large crowd of people has gathered outside as well. Let us tell you that it was fortunate that at the time when this blast took place, people were on strike in the court for their demands, otherwise the blast could have caused a lot of damage.

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