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Bomb Blast In Delhi Rohini Court

The police have vacated the court. The gates have been closed. According to the police, the blast that took place in Rohini, Delhi, is a low-intensity bomb blast. It is a kind of crude bomb. Police found IED explosives and a tiffin-like thing from the spot. NSG has also been called to the spot.

Bomb blast in Delhi’s Rohini Court

There was a stir outside Delhi’s Rohini court number 102 on Thursday morning. When there was an explosion in which three to four people were injured. People thought that there was a bullet again in the court. On hearing the sound of the explosion, the people present in the court got scared. Trying to reach a safe place.

On the spot Forensic and National Security Guard teams

Delhi Police says a suspected explosion occurred in a laptop bag during court proceedings at Rohini Court. An injured person has been admitted to the hospital. The spot has been cordoned off to collect evidence. Forensic and National Security Guard teams are inspecting the spot.

Rumors of firing were spread earlier

According to the information received so far, when the sound of the blast was heard in the court, the rumor spread that there was a bullet in the court. There was a stir among the people as soon as the incident of firing that happened a few days ago came to mind. When the news of the blast came to light, the fire department was immediately informed. After which six fire tenders reached the spot.

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Shortly before the attackers had fired inside the court room

Some time back, two assailants shot dead a gangster in Rohini court. After which the police had piled up the attackers on the spot itself. Since then, special security arrangements were also made in the court. Meanwhile, the blast that took place today has put the security agencies in a tizzy.

A soldier injured

One has been confirmed injured in the Rohini Bar Council due to the blast. The name of the injured soldier is Rajiv, which is a unique court of Sultanpuri police station. He has been taken to Ambedkar Hospital for treatment. There are shrapnel in Rajiv’s body.

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