Bolsonaro Drowns DiCaprio In Titanic Twitter Thread

Brazilian President Jair Bonsonaro gave a lecture on hypocrisy to Leonardo DiCaprio. In which the virtue-signal told the actor that he should ‘leave his yacht before lecturing the world’ about the environment. Of note, in January DiCaprio was pictured holidaying with friends on $150 million. The “Wava II,” the largest yacht ever built in Britain, is estimated to produce 238 kilograms of carbon dioxide per mile. As much as the average British car emits in two months.

Bolsonaro tweeted

Bolsonaro was responding to DiCaprio, who tweeted that the Amazon rainforest “has suffered illegal deforestation at the hands of the extraction industry over the past 3 years.” You again, Leo?” Bolsonaro tweeted. “I can tell you again to leave your yacht before lecturing the world. But I know progressive people: You want to change the whole world, but not yourself, so I’ll let you off the hook.

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For not playing the role of a blind person brilliantly

Between us, it’s strange to see a friend who pretends to love the planet with more focus on Brazil than the fires that damage Europe and their country.” But don’t worry, Leo, unlike those places. Where you are pretending not to see the blind man playing the role brilliantly. Brazil is and will remain the nation that is most protected. You can continue to play with your Hollywood star toys as we do our part can.

Attacks Brazil and its sovereignty

In fact, the average deforestation in my government is much lower than before. When the crooks became candidates that your Brazilian friend’s support was in power. It is clear that everyone who attacks Brazil and its sovereignty for the sake of virtue has a clue about the case. For example, they do not know that we preserve more than 80% of our native flora or that we have the cleanest energy among the G20 countries. By the way, what do you think about the decline in the coal market in Europe? And about Greta Timberlake do you know what she’s been up to lately and what she has to say about it? If I were hosting a barbecue in my house, I’m sure she’d be screaming “How dare you?

Government announces new commitment to end illegal deforestation by 2028

It is also clear that you do not know that my government has decided to end illegal deforestation by 2028. Announced a new commitment, not until 2030 like most countries. Or maybe you know this, but for some reason pretend to be ignorant. I hope you are not getting too much for this role. If it’s within your reach, we’d love to see you stop spreading misinformation. In recent days, you reportedly used an image from 2003 to talk about the Amazon wildfires that occurred in 2019. And it was uncovered, but I’ve forgiven you. So please go and don’t sin.

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