Black Piece Swimsuit For Sarah Jessica Parker Hamptons Vacation

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen celebrating with her husband Matthew Broderick near their Hampton estate on July 4.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a black one-piece swimsuit

Sarah Jessica Parker spotted wearing a black one-piece swimsuit. The 57-year-old actress caught some rays as she celebrated July 4 with her husband Matthew Broderick on Monday near their Hampton area home. She pushed down spaghetti straps on a $445 Malia Mills swimsuit. so that she could achieve an even tan as she sat on a beach towel facing the ocean, in front of a white and black printed umbrella.

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The Sex and the City icon also appeared makeup-free

The Sex and the City icon also appeared makeup-free, as she hid her eyes behind wire glasses. In which her blonde hair kept in a casual bun, Matthew, who was having a mid-conversation with his wife. One sat on a beach chair, sporting a print similar to a trendy umbrella. The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor rocked a bright red pair of swim trunks, paired with a dark blue T-shirt and a beige fedora.

Consulted a plastic surgeon about possible work

At one point, the actress seen resting with a book in her hand. enjoying her day at the beach as she lay on her back. And just like that, her character of Carrie struggled as she grew up. Because she had an injury and later consulted a plastic surgeon about a possible work-around. Ultimately, the fictional author — based on Candace Bushnell — opted to pass.

In an interview told InStyle magazine?

Sarah has been an open book about embracing her age, especially when it comes to body positivity. “I don’t think about aging. I mean, it’s God’s honest truth,” she told InStyle magazine in an interview published June 22. “I’m forced to think about it because that’s what I do for a living. And because other people want me to think about it or they’re my age,” she added.

Sarah told Digital Publishing?

“It doesn’t mean I’m delusional or that I live in a false universe. Where I’m in Ember and I’m not changing,” Sarah told the digital publication. “I’ve asked myself a huge amount of time physically, on and off camera on stage. I ran and jumped and worked on my body for 40-some years. I can feel it,” she said.

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