Black Panther Sequel Has Important Messages For Global Citizens

The “Black Panther” sequel has important messages for global citizens. Wakanda forever. It’s not just the name of an upcoming movie or a synonym for Marvel’s Black Panther. It is a promise to black and brown people everywhere, especially in the Global South and especially in Africa, that no matter how much adversity strikes, we will not be defeated. we are forever.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailer

The feeling that comes with Marvel’s release of the trailer for Black Panther Wakanda Forever can’t be denied. We were in tears every watch – and we’ve seen it at least six times. It’s certainly an audible one for the late Chadwick Boseman, whose voice we can hear every time we read that phrase that became the film’s title.

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Essentially watch for global citizens

We accept and celebrate it; But it is also a reflection of what it needs to move forward. The trailer highlights that for safety and social justice. The world often won’t wait for you to recover before another blow to your mission. Here are some of the reasons we look to global citizens as essentials.

Important messages from our minds to citizens and the world

We think every global citizen should watch a Black Panther trailer at least once (or more!). Because we cannot receive important messages from our minds for global citizens and the world. In just two minutes, the trailer helped us grieve, made us feel, and inspired us to take action.

Trope refusing to see Black women as versatile

There was nothing better in 2018 than watching Black Panther and joining the epic Black female leaders and supporting characters in the film. You would be lying if you said you didn’t pay attention to this fact. That one of the biggest themes of the film was showing the world what black African women are capable of. The trope refuses to see black women as multifaceted and that they are multidimensional human beings. Rather, they are portrayed as untouchables and untroubled. But what does this have to do with poverty, you ask?

Action against a new enemy in the final shots of Dora Milaje

However, compared to 2018, the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer has shown a more vulnerable side to those women. Whom we see as absolute pillars of strength. The trailer begins with Rani Ramonda, Shuri, Dora Milaje (Wakanda’s female warrior), and Nakiya all in a state of deepening, hurt, and grief. The important thing about it though is that it continues to show that too. That their vulnerability doesn’t take away from their strength, especially in Dora Milaje’s final shots in action against a new foe.

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