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BJP MLA From MP Mandsaur Reprimanded The Public Relations Department

In Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, there has been a ruckus over the use of photos of temples in the advertisement of liquor by the Public Relations Department. BJP MLA from Mandsaur Yashpal Singh Sisodia has raised objections. However, after his objection, the Public Relations (PR) department has deleted that tweet.

Congress is besieging BJP

After expressing displeasure over the BJP MLA who exposed this exploit of the department under his own government, now the Congress is also surrounding the BJP by raising objections on this issue. At the same time, BJP MLA from Mandsaur Yashpal Sisodia says that what the Congress says. Don’t want to go deep into it. That’s all he wants. That if there is any tweet from the Public Relations Department regarding the sale of liquor and in it. If God’s photo used then it is objectionable. Public relations department should take care that it is sale of liquor.

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Hurt feelings case

When the matter came out, it went far. Be it for or against, everyone says in one voice that God’s photo should not used in any advertisement related to the sale of liquor. In such a situation, city MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia told the public relations department that the officials should pay attention to this so that no such mistake happens in future, which hurts the sentiments of the people.

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