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BJP Big Attack on Congress Over New Rafale Report

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said in whose government the deal done. This bribe was given in the Rafale deal that was done between 2007 and 2012.

BJP’s big attack on Congress over new Rafale report

The BJP has launched a big attack on Congress after the new report surfaced amid the opposition’s uproar over alleged bribery in the Rafale deal. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told INC meaning I. Rahul Gandhi must answer this. He said that before 2013, a bribe of Rs 65 crore given for this deal. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that in whose government the deal done, it has been known. This bribe given in the Rafale deal that done between 2007 and 2012.

Sambit Patra says

Congress does nothing without commission. Congress broke the records of the commission. A BJP spokesperson said that a few months ago, a media company from France, Media Party, revealed that there was corruption in Rafale. As soon as it was revealed The Congress party did not look at it and attacked the Prime Minister of the country. At that time BJP had said that wait when the time comes, it will become milk of milk and water of water.

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BJP alleges bribe of 65 crores in Congress rule

Sambit Patra said that today when the media part has put forth the truth through the article, it is heartbreaking. He said that this entire matter happened between 2007 and 2012. BJP spokesperson further said that after reading the article of media part it came to know that it fully stated that there Assault Aviation, which showed codeword D as a deal, that Dassault Aviation commissioned Rs 65 crores. as given. He said that this article writes that a secret commission given for 36 aircraft for a middle man.

Sushen Mohan Gupta is the middleman’s name

Sambit Patra said that the minimum amount was 65 crores. This commission of up to 11 million euros given through middlemen in India. Sushen Mohan Gupta is the middleman’s name. Sushen Mohan Gupta is an old player who was also a broker in the VVIP chopper deal. This is a big scam that happened during the UPA regime. Today Rahul Gandhi is not in India but in Italy. Reply from Italy They tried to spread confusion. He said the Air Force needed the aircraft but kept hanging for ten years.

Congress bid – country’s biggest defense scam

Here, Congress has attacked the central government on the allegations of bribery in the Rafale deal The Congress alleged that the operation cover-up is going on by the Modi government to bury the corruption in the Rafale deal. The allegation that has been made in the last 5 years is going to the highest people sitting in power in the country.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said

On 4 October 2018, a former BJP minister and a senior lawyer handed over the documents to the then Director of CBI, on 11 October 2018, the Mauritius government also handed over the documents to the CBI. After that, no investigation starts and in the middle of the night Alok Verma is removed and his favorite Nageshwar Rao is made. Why no action taken in 36 months? This is not a case of a 60-65 crore scam, this is the biggest defense scam.

The Congress-UPA government had held talks to buy a Rafale fighter jet including technology transfer for Rs 526.10 crore after an international tender. Modi government bought the same Rafale fighter plane (without any tender) for 1670 crores and without transfer of technology to India the difference in cost of 36 jets is around 41,205 crores.

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