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Bit Part Player to Flag Hero Deus Mini Wini Took His Way

Tom Sparrow wants one word to define him as a footballer: ‘Honest’. The hardworking young Melbourne player has entered this season’s premier star-studded midfield group. Looking at the talent that surrounds him, he knows the responsibility that comes through his midst.

The youngster entered the star-studded midfield group this season

But instead of burdening the heightened expectations, Sparrow has turned to play in Clayton Oliver, Christian Petraka, and Jack Vinnie, alongside one of his biggest inspirations. His inspiration for that? Being an ‘honest’ player.

“You have to work defensively to help your back. You also have to test your opposition’s mids to get ahead. I think it’s really important that you can do it both ways and If there’s something I’m proud of, it’s my job. It’s the hallmark of my sport and I feel like I’m doing it very well so far this year.

the players believe in me when i go there

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“I really want to make the most of my opportunities when I’m there, but I also want to make sure I put the team in a good position when I get there, when I can move forward. I know I have played my part and hopefully those players believe in me that when I go out there, I can make as much impact as they do.”

Famous in Melbourne as the ‘mini-wini’ of the side,

Sparrow has an idol when it comes to being an ‘honest’ footballer. This is the player who has long upped his game as former club captain Winnie. Known as the ‘mini-wini’ of the side in Melbourne, the tough and determined South Australian often draws encouragement from the magic moments of his old partner.

I first came to the club as a young fellow

“When I first came to the club as a young fellow, I saw him and those guys. But even now, two or three years down the track, I still see him. He’s tough and He doesn’t complain. He does what needs to be done. Sparrow said.

Really good form this year in another level

“When he can put the team on his back and take us through the duration of the game. It’s really incredible to see and be able to play with him when he does. He’s honest. He’s tough. He’s no fuss. I think he’s really gone to another level this year. Especially in the last month. His form has been really great.”

Melbourne hopes a red-hot Collingwood outfit in blockbuster fixtures

Melbourne hope last week’s win, against fellow top-four candidates on the road, could again be the spark that lights another run to the Premiership. Its charge towards September continues again on Friday night in another blockbuster fixture against a red-hot Collingwood outfit that has won 10 games in a row.

This year’s competition against the Peas coincides with the Demons’ annual Round for Reach. In which the legacy of club great Jim Steins is recognized and after a decade of raising awareness and funds for his Reach Foundation.

Sparrow and the club as a whole are hopeful that another win in front of a bigger crowd could provide more impetus for the finals campaign as Melbourne aim for back-to-back premierships.

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