Bipasha Basu Was Making Trending Reel Karan Singh Grover Viral Video On Such Actor Social Media

Trending reel of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover is getting viral on social media. In this video, Karan started suddenly such acts, which was surprised.

Hot Couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

Hot Couple Bipasha Basu (Bipasha Basu) and Karan Singh Grover are from the discussion before marriage. Both of these stars were in the discussion for their bold image before marriage, then after marriage. Photos of both stars are often managed to pull the attention of the fans. Something similar happened this time. Bipasha Basu was making new trending reels of iPhone’s Wall Paper with husband Karan Singh Grover. During this, Karan starts doing such a thing that you will be surprised to see.

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Bipasha Basu was making video in the bedroom

Bipasha Basu (Bipasha Basu) was making videos in his bedroom. In this reel you will see that both eyes are lying down. Banna Ray song rings and opens both eyes together. Then Bipasha starts making pout and Karan Bipasha starts licking. In an interview given in Karan Singh Grover, while talking on Family Planning, said, “This is a natal process. People meet, love again, and then do family planning. I do not know why people are planning our family. They should not do this, they should make us only. ‘

Bipasha shared video

This video has shared Bipasha Basu on his official Instagram account. Sharing this reel, Bipasha has also written captions. The actress wrote in the caption – ‘He took my expensive knight cream. Joking ahead and said, “I have told so many people many times that I am pregnant, but no one can believe me. Can you see ‘Pregnancy Glow’ on my face? ‘ At the same time, Karan made it clear that he is not doing any family planning right now.

Was married 5 years ago

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu married 5 years ago on April 30, 2016. Before marriage, both of them were seen together in Alone. This film was released in 2015. In this film, these two stars had given very bold scenes, due to which the film had a lot of headlines. Bipasha and Karan are seen in a romantic style in the pool with each other. While Black Monochini There are also appearing in that.

Trending reel of iPhone made many stars

This trending reel of the iPhone is sharing several stars and sharing on social media. In which Divya Tripathi, Madhuri Dixit, contains the names of many stars. Earlier, Karan had recently talked about his web show ‘Kubul’s 2.0’ released. Karan had told that, ‘The character of Asad and Joa is the same and the family of Asad is also the first. But Joy’s family is different this time. Also, many changes were made in the story of the show, the audience is going to be very liked. There is also a thriller along with action. ‘

Karan and Bipasha are active on social media

Karan and Bipasha are quite active on social media. These two stars are trading trending reels and they ever share with photos fans. Both of these photographs and video fans also liked. Some days ago Bipasha shared many photos with husband Karan on his Instagram. Fans liked the pictures and looted the couple on the couple. Tell that Karan and Bipasha worked together in the film ‘Alone’ released in 2015. Since then, both began to date each other. Then both married in 2016.

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