Biopic Film To Be Made On Rajesh Khanna Soon

A biopic going to be made soon on the late actor Rajesh Khanna, once known as the biggest superstar of Hindi cinema. It is noteworthy that Farah Khan, who has directed films like ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Happy New Year’, a well-known choreographer, will command the biopic on Rajesh Khanna. Actor and producer (Nikhil Dwedi) Nikhil Dwivedi will handle and produce this film.

Book ‘The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna’ by Gautam Chintamani:

The biopic to made on Rajesh Khanna based on the book ‘The Loneliness of Rajesh Khanna: Dark Star’ by Gautam Chintamani. Along with directing this film, Farah Khan will also write the script of this film along with the author of the book.

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Farah Khan’s comment about Rajesh Khanna’s biopic film

Commenting on Rajesh Khanna’s biopic, Farah Khan said, “Yes, I have read the book on Rajesh Khanna written by Gautam Chintamani, which a very interesting book. We can talk about making a film on it. I can’t say much more on this at the moment.

In this regard, the producer of the film Nikhil Dwivedi says, “Yes, I have bought the rights of Gautam Chintamani’s book ‘Dark Star’ and I am in discussion with Farah Khan to make a film on it. For the time being I will tell this much in this regard. I will inform everyone as and when there is more progress regarding the film. I am very much looking forward to presenting Rajesh Khanna’s story on the big screen.”

Rajesh Khanna’s real name was Jatin Khanna and he made his debut in the Hindi cinema world in 1966 with the film ‘Aakhri Khat’ directed by Chetan Anand. The word ‘superstar’ coined in view of the popularity of Rajesh Khanna. His fan following among girls during his time phenomenal and incidents of girls writing letters stained with blood to show their love for him also reported.

Who play the title character in the biopic on Rajesh Khanna, at present, no announcement made by the makers and no information given from the makers about when the shooting of the film start. .

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