Billy The crowd surfing pensioner praises The Man At The Killer Old Trafford Gig

He was the daring crowd-surfing pensioner who nearly stole the show at The Killers’ huge Manchester gig on Saturday night – and ‘Billy’ is now revered as “The Man” by fans. Frontman Brandon Flowers stopped the show to jump off the stage at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground and check that ‘Billy’ was okay when he hit the ground.

silver-haired billy

Now, men can reveal that the silver-haired ‘Billy’ is actually Doug James, 67, from Sale. His son Barry has confirmed that he is doing fine, despite a minor head injury after his adventure in front of a crowd on Saturday night. But his rock ‘n’ roll stunt has been praised by thousands of people. Attended this gig on Saturday night. And The Killers have now tweeted their picture with the caption: “There is no age limit for rock ‘n’ roll”.

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Many on the Main Facebook page now hailed him as “The Man”.

An apt title has been given to The Killers’ famous tune of the same name. Sarah Stein said: “Billy is living his best life, we should all be like Billy. Videos of this time are circulating on social media, where ‘Billy’ aka Dougie leaps into the crowd for the first time appears, just as the band launched in their cover version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay, but as he headed for the stage, he was seen slipping on the floor, seen by Brandon from the stage.

Brandon said

Who dropped the man who dropped him? is he okay? Let’s just take care of her, her head is bleeding a little.” Brandon jumped down the stage to meet her, gave her a hug and was seen asking repeatedly “Are you sure you’re okay? ?”

Billy, Billy, Billy”

Brandon told the crowd what had happened: “Billy was trying to surf the crowd, it looked like he was 68. I said ‘Billy what are you doing?

Revealing the brilliant comment Billy made in response

Brandon revealed in his best Northern accent: “And you know what he said? He added: “I’m enjoying myself.” To huge laughter and applause from the crowd.

Brandon and the band return to Shadowplay, Brandon shouts

Nathalie White, a 45-year-old schoolteacher from High Peak, captured the rush-hour moment in the middle of the crowd on Saturday night. She was accompanied by her teacher friend Lisa and had just met Doug, before stunning everyone around her by launching into the crowd surf.

Nathalie said

It was the funniest thing ever! We met him when we were walking in the crowd and he introduced the crowd to his son and daughter-in-law. The next minute he was swimming, the crawl was in over our heads. Killers fan Karen Cunningham also took pictures and videos as ‘Billy’ made his way. He said: “What a wonderful old man enjoying life.

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