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Bihar Muzaffarpur Hospital Sealed For Snatching Eyesight

People who have damaged eyes got cataracts operations done in Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital operated through an institution. Here the eyes of 15 patients were removed.

27 people have serious eyes after cataract operation

After a cataract operation at a hospital in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, 27 people developed severe eye infections. Due to which the eyes of 15 patients had to be removed. The incident took place on November 22 at an eye hospital in the Juran Chapra area of ​​the city. The hospital has now been sealed after the incident. At the same time, Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey has ordered an inquiry.

Patients had to have their eyes removed in the hospital

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) after cataract surgery. A notice sent to the Bihar government on Wednesday regarding reports that the eyes of some patients were allegedly removed. The NHRC said in a statement that it has taken suo moto cognizance of a media report. After cataract surgery at Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital on November 22, “patients had to have their eyes removed at Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH)”. topic is.

suffering from severe eye infection

Ram Murti Singh, a native of Sonvarsha village in Sheohar district and suffering from a severe left eye infection, said. We came to know that a mega eye check-up camp organized by the hospital on 22nd November. I came to the hospital, where the doctors said that I have a cataract. He operated on one eye. After four hours, my eye started hurting. When I contacted the doctors, they gave me a pain reliever pill and an injection. Pain relief injections gave me temporary relief. After a few hours, my eye started hurting again.”

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Meena Devi, a resident of Mushari area of ​​Muzaffarpur said

After the operation, I had a lot of pain in my eye. When I contacted the doctors, they gave me pain relief injections. He discharged me the next day. When I went to the hospital the next day (24 November). So the doctor reprimanded me for negligence. When I protested, he suggested removing the infected eye. Since there is no one in my family. So I allowed him to remove the eye.

Harendra Rajak, a relative of Ram Murti Sharma, said. Nine patients with severe infection had gone to Patna for examination. Doctors in Patna told us that the serious infection caused by the wrong operation procedure. He also suggested removal of the operated eye. Otherwise it will lead to further complications in the other eye or brain.

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