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Bihar Arrested 4 People With 2529 Liters Of Liquor

Liquor prohibition is in force in Bihar. The police are preparing to crack down on liquor smugglers. Despite this, smugglers are smugglers if they put the police on them. Police have recovered a truck of liquor in Kaimur, Bihar. Liquor was being transported packed in Amazon’s carton.

Bihar arrested 4 people with 2529 liters of liquor

The government is making constant efforts to make the prohibition effective. But there are liquor smugglers that are not deterring from their antics, the latest case is of Kaimur in Bihar, where the online company Amazon was carrying liquor in the truck. 4 people have been arrested with 2529 liters of liquor. Also, a truck and a car have been seized.

Smugglers caught during the investigation

Here Durgavati and Mohania police of Kaimur district have seized a truck of liquor from the Mohania checkpost during a vehicle check. In the truck, liquor was being carried in the box of the online company Amazon. The truck driver was arrested by the police. At the same time, 3 people have been arrested after confiscating a car in the Durgavati police station area. Please tell that the liquor prohibition law is in force in Bihar. Despite this, liquor is reaching Bihar via UP.

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Flipkart tape on amazon box

In the joint action of both the police station areas, 4 people have been arrested with 2529 liters of liquor. Along with this, a truck and a car have also been seized by the police. Let us tell you that in order to catch the liquor smugglers, the vehicles passing through here are being continuously checked at the consolidated check-post of Mohania. During this, the police and excise department stopped a truck at the check post late in the night and checked, then the online company Amazon’s box was found in the truck. Meanwhile, the police noticed that Amazon’s carton was packed with tape from Flipkart. After which the police got suspicious and after breaking the modesty of the box, it was found full of alcohol.

2529 liters of liquor recovered

After this, the police took the truck into their possession. 263 Amazon boxes have been recovered from inside the truck. It contained 2367 liters of English liquor. It is being told that after coming to Bihar via Ghaziabad, the truck driver would call and inform the smuggler and then deliver the goods to his given address. The police have seized the mobile and Rs 2900 from the truck driver.

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