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Big Update on Goldberg WWE Contract Status

There’s encouraging news for fans hoping to see Goldberg wrestle once again. In a recent interview with The New York Post, Goldberg provided clarification on the status of his WWE contract, revealing that although he has fulfilled his obligations for the number of matches he signed. Still, he is signed to WWE.

Goldberg on the status of his WWE contract

When asked about the status of his contract, Goldberg insisted he “still hasn’t made the cut because you never know when the phone is going to ring.” He further stated that he is “in pretty good shape right now” compared to his last outing in the WWE ring.

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waiting to be one of these days

“I’m still waiting for that one to happen one of these days,” Goldberg said. “But I guess you don’t retire in the wrestling world until you die, so who knows.” Goldberg reiterated earlier comments that he would eventually need surgery to repair his injured shoulder. Which according to him “has been completely destroyed in the last four or five years.”

55-year-old wrestling legend revealed

The 55-year-old wrestling legend revealed that he was somehow able to “hide it hurt from everyone” during his recent WWE stint. Where I almost feel normal.” “I just needed that break. I needed to focus mentally to understand that surgery was not an option at the time and I needed to grind my ass off.

Uncertainty over Goldberg’s future in WWE

He continued, “Hey, I might never get a call, you never know. But you can bet I’ll be ready.” After losing to Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in February, there was uncertainty about Goldberg’s future in WWE. Some outlets reported that the WWE Hall of Famer could be done with the company. Because he had become a free agent.

Goldberg released a video on social media

Prior to that match in Saudi Arabia, Goldberg teased his in-ring retirement via a video released on social media, when he said, “I have a job to do and this could be my last in the WWE ring.” “. Goldberg was featured in the latest “Biography: WWE Legends” episode that aired on A&E Sunday nights.

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