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Big News Shane Warne Accident Happen

Former Australian spinner Shane Warne was riding a bike with his son Jackson. Then he fell. After this, Warne also went to the hospital. He was afraid that his leg or hip might be broken.

The accident happened with Shane Warne son Jackson

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Shane Warne was riding his bike with son Jackson. When he fell, he was dragged for more than 15 meters. After the accident, Warne said – I am a little battered, injured, and very sad. Warne does not have a serious injury. But the next morning he was in severe pain.

Warne said after the accident

After the accident, Shane Warne said, I am a little battered and injured and very sad. Although during this time he saved himself from serious injury but the next morning he was in a lot of pain. 52-year-old Shane Warne went to the hospital fearing that his leg and hip might get injured. According to the report of the Sydney Morning Herald, he dragged 15 meters after the accident.

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Warne has been in controversies

Shane Warne has been in controversies during and after his cricket career. His name came in the bar of taking drugs, sex scandal. Due to these actions, he was also banned. He had failed the drugs test before the 2003 Cricket World Cup to be played in South Africa. After which he was dropped from the team.

Expected to do commentary in the Ashes series

The Ashes series will be played between Australia and England next month. The first match of this series will be played at the Gabba in Brisbane. Which will start from 8th December. Shane Warne hopes that by then he will be fit and available for commentary.

Warne was in controversy for sending obscene messages to the model

Jessica shared the screenshot of Warne’s message on social media. In which Warne had asked to meet him in the hotel room. Australian models Ellie Gonsalves and Imogen Anthony also accused Shane Warne of sending obscene messages to the former Australian bowler.

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