Big News About Ranveer Brahmastra The Curtain Lifted From the Film

Fans are waiting for the release of Bollywood actor Ranveer’s sing film Brahmastra. But according to the news received, let us tell you that the fans are going to get a big shock. Let us tell you, all is not well between the producer of this film, Ayan Mukerji, and the producers. According to the report of a news portal, a controversy has arisen regarding the length of Brahmastra.

Director Ayan Mukerji lifted the curtain in the presence of the film’s heroine Alia Bhatt.

Director Ayan Mukerji has made only two films in Hindi cinema. But, both of his films are also the identity of his cinema. He has been a filmmaker who mixes tradition with modernity and his next film ‘Brahmastra’ is also a film to take this link forward, only this time the level of the story is supernatural as well as transcendental. The first glimpse of the film “Brahmastra” by Ayaan in the presence of the film’s heroine Alia Bhatt on Monday at a cinema hall in Mumbai among select journalists across the country is awe-inspiring.

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Ayan demands this scene of the film should be remove

In such a situation, Ayan is not accepting these demands of the makers. In his eyes, the scene he wants to remove from the film is actually very important and moves the story forward. In such a situation, there has been a rift between Ayan and the producers regarding the length of the film. In such a situation, how the shooting of the film will be completed, is a big question in itself.

If the film is long then it will be a big loss

The last frame of the first glimpse of the film “Brahmastra” tries to explain the real thread of its story. In this, Ranbir Kapoor saw in front of a giant statue of Shiva with his body posture right. The right-hand holds a trident and the left-hand palm is separate from the statue of Shiva. Shiva’s fist is open. Shiva’s closed. Yes, Ranbir Kapoor is Shiva of this story of the film ‘Brahmastra’. The secret of this story lies in his closed fist. It is that part of the galaxy spread overall time, which has discovered by the traditions from mythological times.

The interview that began with the stories of the gods and goddesses

From childhood, he starts getting interviews with the stories of gods and goddesses in his home. She has served as the foundation stone for this film of his. He believes that the story of the film ‘Brahmastra’ is fictional. But he also points out that his flight of imagination in mythology is similar to the films of the ‘Harry Potter series or the ‘Lord of the Rings series. The first glimpse of Ayan’s film also confirms this. It shows the dialogues between Shiva and Iha.

First look at the film ‘Brahmastra’

Along with showing the first glimpse of the film ‘Brahmastra’, Ayan Mukerji also talked about his and his team’s hard work for this film. The first glimpse of the film shows that this film is going to be a new wind of special effects in Hindi cinema. People have often said about this film of Ayan that this film was announced in the year 2014 and is being made since then. Ayan says that this film made not from the year 2014 but in 2011.

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