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Big Mistake Made by Indian players During Ravi Shastri Book Launch

Former Indian cricketer Dilip Doshi has said. Those Indian cricketers did not wear masks during the book launch in London. The fifth test match between India and England to be held in Manchester was canceled. And the English media blamed Shastri for attending the event.


Allegations against Ravi-Shastri

The BCCI recently said that the Indian team had not sought permission from the board to participate in this event. Meanwhile, Doshi who was present at that book launch event has claimed That the players were not wearing masks there. The former Indian cricketer also said that most of them did not stay for more than five to ten minutes after seeing such a crowd.

No one was wearing a mask

Doshi was quoted as saying by India Ahead, “I was present at the book launch. I was actually invited by the Taj group. A lot of dignitaries, and team India players were there for a while, and I was shocked to see that. That none of them was wearing a mask.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided

He said, ‘Whether the society has to wear masks or not, whether it is mandatory or not is decided by the politicians. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the decision. that England is quite safe because of the double vaccination program. And a lot of people have been vaccinated here,’

Trafford’s reason for the cancellation of the match

Doshi said, ‘There are two ways to look at this. It is an aspect of life. If I were, I would definitely say wear a mask, not because I don’t trust others but I am preventing myself from getting infected.’ He indicated further. That the Indian Premier League (IPL) could also be the reason for the cancellation of the Old Trafford match.

Indian cricket board does not want the last test

Doshi said, ‘I was talking to a dear friend of mine, Michael Holding earlier today. And he told me that the Indian cricket board did not want the last Test. Therefore, his original suggestion was that the tour should end after the Oval Test, leaving enough time between the IPL and the last Test in England. But I believe the ECB did not want that. And he may have insisted on the fifth Test.

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