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Big Disclosure About Two Terrorists Killed In Kashmir On Wednesday

The conspiracy of the two terrorists killed on Wednesday to repeat the attack as Pulwama has been

Big disclosure about two terrorists killed in Kashmir on Wednesday

The disclosure that both of them wanted to carry out a big attack on the lines of the Pulwama attack and for this, they had collected more than 40 kg of explosives. At the same time, both of them also part of the conspiracy under which innocent people were being targeted in Jammu and Kashmir.

Furqan and Yasir had dangerous plans

The slain Pakistani terrorist whose name Furqan and Pakistan had specially sent it to India so that it could carry out these conspiracies by tricking the local people. Furkan was also successful to a great extent in these plans. Apart from this, know the name of Yasir Ahmed Pare Lashkar who was completely dancing and killing his own people at the behest of the dreaded commander Furqan based in Kashmir.

Furqan was part of Pakistan’s nefarious conspiracy

According to a top intelligence officer, Furqan in constant touch with the top officials of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and also part of the nefarious conspiracy of Pakistan under which innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir killed. Was. The agencies were looking for these two for the last eight months as they came to know that these people want to carry out a big attack on the lines of the Pulwama attack.

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Wanted to execute the incident near Pulwama

The intelligence agencies also came to know that these people want to carry out a big incident around Pulwama and for this, they had also done a recce on Arugam Lasipur Road. One of the reasons for choosing Pulwama was that Yasir Pare was a resident of that place and he could have got local support from there as well. To carry out their plan, these people had also arranged for more than 40 kg of explosives, and Pare himself considered to be an excellent IED expert who could prepare IED in less time. The security forces came to know about the hiding of these people on Wednesday morning and both of them killed in the encounter.

What does the Jammu and Kashmir Police have to say

The Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Dilbag Singh also admitted that these terrorists involved in conspiracies to kill the local people. Also, there was a reward of lakhs of rupees on both of them. Many important things including arms and ammunition said to recover from them.

Investigation agencies are in search of 40 kg explosives

However, where did Yasin Ahmed Pare and his associate Furqan have more than 40 kg of explosives now? Intelligence and investigative agencies are very upset about this question and are raiding continuously in search of him. No big conspiracy should executed.

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