Big Disclosure About Neha Kakkar Pregnancy

Bollywood’s celebrity playback singer Neha Kakkar has been married for a long time, but the fans have not yet received the good news. Fans are constantly waiting for when Neha Kakkar will give good news. In the last few days, such pictures and videos of Neha Kakkar went viral in which it was claimed that she is pregnant.

The Curtain was Lifted From The News Of Pregnancy

Sharing these pictures of Neha Kakkar. There was a lot of speculation and it was constantly being said that the actress is pregnant. Fans were also waiting for the actress to give good news as soon as possible. However, now after the release of a video by him, it has become clear that Neha Kakkar is not pregnant. And his bloated stomach was due to his food and drink. Obviously this is no less than a surprise for the fans.

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Is Neha Kakkar Pregnant?

Actually, Neha Kakkar has started a new series on her YouTube channel, named ‘Life of Kakkar’. The subject of the first episode of this series is ‘Is Neha Kakkar pregnant?’ She was seen breaking every rumor related to it. In this video Neha Kakkar told that all these rumors started since then. When the eyes of some fans fell on his increased weight. In this video, Neha also told that she is eating very good food and due to this her weight has increased a bit but she wants to lose weight and she will also work in this direction.

When Did Neha Kakkar Get Married?

Neha Kakkar has told in the video that it was her diet and her food that made her look so healthy. It is known that Neha Kakkar tied the knot with her boyfriend Rohanpreet Singh on 24 October 2020. Both are singers by profession and before marriage, both of them released many romantic songs.

Neha’s Pregnancy Kit in Hand

Starting the video, Neha can see a pregnancy kit in her hand, seeing the result, she happily informs Rohanpreet about it. After this, Rohanpreet is asked by her mother to take care of Neha’s special. After this Neha, Tony, Sonu, Rohanpreet, and Neha’s parents revealed the truth of this news.

Singer Himself Revealed The Secret

In this video, Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet also made it clear among the fans that they are not ready to have their baby and they do not want to increase the family for 2-3 years. Apart from this, in the video, Neha and Rohanpreet also talked about the articles which were written about the real reason behind Neha and Rohanpreet’s marriage. Rohanpreet and Neha Kakkar tied the knot on 20 October 2020. The wedding church of both had been in the Bollywood industry for a long time. The two met on the sets of the song ‘Nehu The Vyah’. Both of them started dating each other in no time and then Neha and Rohanpreet got engaged and got married.

People Used To Ask Tony, ‘You are Going To Be an Uncle’

Tony begins by saying that he is the youngest in the family and now wants someone younger than him. He is interrupted by Neha, who calls him a liar and claims that he is older than her. Then his mother came into the frame and confirmed that Neha is indeed the youngest in the family. Neha revealed that when she was traveling recently. So a flight attendant asked her if she was pregnant. Tony also said that he had gone to a cafe and instead of asking for a waiter order there, the waiter wanted to know, ‘Sir, are you going to be a mama?’

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