The land has emphasized this point. Now instead of giving a separate award to Best Actor Male and a separate award to Female, whose acting is the most powerful, he should get the Best Lead Performance Award.

Bhumi Pednekar’s new campaign

Voices heard around the world against gender discrimination addressing artists, technicians, and other executive positions. It started with the cinema. Awards from all the prestigious film festivals of the world are slowly bridging the gap between actors and actresses. The awards now being given in the name of the best actor. The Hindi film industry is also welcoming this initiative to free film awards from gender discrimination. In support of this, young star Bhumi Pednekar has openly spoken her mind. He believes that from this small beginning we can take a big step towards ending gender discrimination in society.

worldwide trend

Recently, during the Berlin Film Festival, Maren Eggert honored with the Gender-Neutral Acting Award for the first time. The meaning of the new award is that now both male and female actors given awards on the basis of better performance in the same category, not separately. The Gotham Awards announced that their Best Actor and Best Actress awards will be combined into the Lead-Performance category at the ceremony beginning in November of this year.

changing ideology

Bhumi says that over the past year it great to see that gender-based awards are being gradually phased out in all award functions. From our point of view also, if the same strong roles are written for female and another gender in films. If not today or tomorrow, we too could reach gender-neutral awards!”

Bhumi Pednekar’s weight was once 87 kg

Where once Bhumi Pednekar used to of 87 kg. Today she gives fitness goals to the youth. Her fitness can gauged from the fact that she climbs 950 steps without stopping. Recently a video of Bhumi Pednekar is becoming very viral on the internet. In this video, ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ fame seen climbing 950 steps without stopping.

take off gendered glasses

Bhumi Pednekar further says that an artist should recognize for his work. It should not see through the lens of a particular gender. I think we are all artists and we can do our bit to bring about equality.