Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa Charming Style Was Shown On Her Birthday

Monalisa celebrated her 39th birthday on 21 November. On this occasion, the actress shared many of her pictures. In the pictures shared by the actress earlier, she was seen cutting the cake.But Monalisa’s very glamorous style was seen in the photos of her talk.

Monalisa is Wearing a Crop Top Style by Not Wearing a Print Short

In the latest pictures, Monalisa is not wearing a print short and wearing it in a crop top style. With which she has done a blue short skirt matchup. Monalisa’s dressing sense looks amazing. Monalisa has kept her hair open with this look. Also wearing sports shoes to complete the look. In this stylish outfit, Monalisa is seen wreaking havoc on social media. It is becoming difficult for the fans to take their eyes off their pictures.

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Monalisa Missing Her Husband on Birthday

Missing her husband on her birthday, Monalisa is holding a cushion in her hands, on which is her and her husband’s photo. Even though Monalisa did not hold a big party on the birthday, but her pictures are telling that she enjoyed this day a lot. On the birthday, Monalisa also seen posing for her friend Deepak. The deep bond between Monalisa and her friend is also visible in the picture. His post is telling that Deepak is not only a friend but a family for him. Even today Antara Biswas ie Monalisa Entertainment Industry has become a big name. But there was a time in her life when she used to work in a hotel.While working as a ‘guest relation executive’ in hotels in Kolkata, he met some producers and got an opportunity to work in the industry. However, he has also worked hard to work in the industry.

Monalisa Celebrated Hher Birthday Single-Handedly This Time

This time Monalisa has celebrated her birthday alone. The actress had informed about this by sharing the post on social media. Monalisa had recently gone to Mumbai to attend the wedding of her bestie Pooja Banerjee. From there the actress shared many pictures and videos. These pictures of Monalisa have got more than 42 thousand likes. From this, you can guess how much the fans are liking his photo. According to media reports, it is said that his first wife committed suicide only after getting fed up with the news of Pawan Singh with Monalisa.However, this too has not been disclosed.

Monalisa First Shared a Video

Monalisa first shared a video, in which she recreated Barry Piya Song. At the same time, the actress had told while tagging the name of her husband Vikrant. She is not with him as she is busy with work. Monalisa had recently gone to Mumbai to attend the wedding of her bestie Pooja Banerjee. From there, the actress shared many pictures and videos. After convincing her acting skills in the Bhojpuri film industry, Monalisa turned to the small screen. Monalisa was first seen in Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. In this show, she married her boyfriend.

After Dating Monalisa and Vikrant, Got Married in Bigg Boss in 2017

After this Monalisa fell in love with Vikrant Singh Rajput, co-actor of Bhojpuri film ‘Dulha Albela’. The love of both grew during the shooting of this film. From here onwards their conversations and meetings progressed, which later turned into live-in for 9 years. I had got married.Since then, they live together till now and share the best bond and they are called the favorite pair of the industry. Their marriage has now passed 4 years.

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