Beyoncé Releases Her New dance-friendly single Break, My Soul

The song, which appears to be the sixth track on Renaissance, shuns many streaming platforms, including Spotify, in favor of a Tidal release, which is appropriate, since her husband Jay-Z is a co-owner of the company.

Beyoncé breaks her new dance-friendly single

The hard-charging single reunites Beyoncé with in-demand producers Tricky Stewart and The Dream, who previously worked on her classic tune single Ladies.

Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z breaks my soul

She sings on the track, ‘Quit your anger, Quit your mind / Quit your job, Release the time / Release your business, Release the tension / Leave the love, Forget the rest,’ she sings on the track, Bounce includes interventions from rapper Big Freedia. Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z not featured on Break My Soul, but he is listed under several of its songwriters (as S. Carter).

Interference from bounce rapper Big Freedia

Other credited songwriters include Adam Piggott (known as BlackNmildy, a collaborator with Drake and Megan Thee Stallion, among others), and Freddie Ross, who performs as Big Freedia. Break My Soul played Robin. S’ 1993 top five hit show Me Love heavily sampled and is credited to both songwriters Alan George and Fred MacFarlane.

Although Beyoncé is known for her show-stopping vocals

The songstress seems more confident than ever as she sings, ‘I’m let down my hair’ ‘Cause I’ve lost my mind / Bayback and I’m sleeping great at night / Front Rani and back dom hai / No one taking a flick but the whole faction is broken.’

According to a report by Variety published on Thursday

Beyoncé’s upcoming album Renaissance will feature a wide variety of songs touching on country and dance music, the latter of which clearly represented by Break My Soul. Fans previously revealed that the album would consist of 16 tracks and that Several parts are expected to release, although the composition and timing of those sections are not yet known.

The album (or part of it) is ready for release on July 29

There are four different versions of their album that can pre-ordered, which include various mystery ‘poses’ as well as a T-shirt, a CD, a 28-page booklet, and a mini-poster. , Variety speculated that they might be separate packages for Act 1 of the album, as they would all be released on the same day. Although fans initially required a Tidal subscription to stream the singles, Beyoncé’s official account also shared a song video on YouTube.

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