Ben Platt Slams Anti-Semitic Protesters at Parade on Broadway

Ben Platt speaks against antisemitic protesters at the first preview performance of the Broadway revival of “Parade,” a musical about the true story of the false conviction and lynching of a Jewish man in 1915.

Some of the really disgusting groups outside the theater

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“For those who don’t know. There were actually some neo-nazi protesters from a hate group outside the theater who were harassing some of our patrons on their way and saying anti-social things about Leo Frank. is about, and are only spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric. Which is why this whole story came out,” Platt said on Instagram.

A member of the neo-Nazi group The National Socialist Movement,

In a video circulating on Twitter, people can hear Broadway’s Bernard B. Jacobs gathered outside the theater and calling Frank a “Jewish pedophile”. A man, reportedly a member of the neo-Nazi group The National Socialist Movement, is seen asking patrons, “You want the truth about who you’re going to see tonight? You’re going to worship a pedophile.” paying $300 for, you might as well know what you’re talking about.

Viewers and members of the show are “extremely safe and secure”

Platt thanked theater staff for keeping the audience and show members “extremely safe and secure”. He added that the “wretchedness on display” underscores the importance of the revival. “The Parade” dramatizes the life and death of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory owner. who was falsely convicted of raping and murdering his 13-year-old employee, Mary Fagan.

can be special and powerful

Platt continued, “It was definitely very macabre and scary but it’s a wonderful reminder of why we’re telling this particular story. And how special and powerful art, and especially theater, can be. Felt extra, extra grateful to tell this special story and carry on this legacy of Leo.

An innocent Jew by an anti-Semitic mob

“One shouldn’t lose sight of the irony that these anti-Semitic extremists decided to protest a play that details the true story of the lynching of an innocent Jewish man by an anti-Semitic mob, and vilify it with conspiracy theories and Used it as an opportunity to spread hate,” Greenblatt said.

Despite the presence of a dozen neo-Nazis,

“ADL lays down arms in solidarity with the entire cast. Wants to especially thank the producer of the play and Ben Platt for his poignant statements speaking in the face of hate. Despite the presence of half a dozen neo-Nazis, New York The city will be no place for hatred.

returns to Broadway for the first time since its premiere

“The Parade” returns to Broadway for the first time since its 1998 premiere. The revival, starring Platt and Michaela Diamond, began previews on February 21 before opening night on March 16.

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