BBC Three Meets The Women Who Were Cheated On By Instagram Celebrity Carolyn Calloway

Claire Balding hosts coverage as the 22nd Commonwealth Games officially open at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham before 11 days of competition. The creative team behind the ceremony includes Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight, and the event expected to showcase West Midlands talent and diversity. At the center of the ceremony is the traditional Parade of Nations, where all athletes walk behind the flags of their countries in celebration of sporting unity, while the ceremony culminates with the conclusion of the Queen’s Baton Relay, which has traveled some 90,000 miles. Every region in the Commonwealth.

999: A National Emergency?

Tonight reporter Paul Brand examines the crisis of trust regarding the NHS as delayed ambulances and overcrowded A&ES are linked to thousands of deaths.Ambulances sometimes take hours instead of minutes, the brand meets with doctors, paramedics and families who claim the blue light came on too late in their time of need.

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undeclared war

Peter Kosminsky’s drama about Britain under a hostile cyberattack takes another chillingly laudable turn as the Russians stir up civil unrest by tampering with the 2024 general election results. As Marina (Tintin Dalakishvili) and her Russian Global News colleagues report fake riots and the denial of voting rights to ethnic minorities, Sarah (Hannah Khaliq-Brown) learns that her brother is training to be an imam. taking and heartily rejects it. Working for the enemy in GCHQ.

my insta scammer friend

Would you pay $75 for a skin product — give it a try for the gall — snake oil that created by an online influencer with an extremely dodgy reputation? People did this. It only goes to show that there is actually a birth every minute. The influencer in question is notorious pioneering internet sensation Caroline Calloway, a young American woman whose viral scandals garnered audiences around the world, leaving some of her followers feeling duped and duped.


Already seen on BBC Wales, this character comedy by Steve Spears (Richard Burbage in Upstart Crow) stars its creator as Glyn, the head of the Chancers’ family, low cash but high spirit – somehow. determined to survive. Its members run a faltering food business and some other dubious things. Someone swipes Glyn’s wing mirror in this opening episode

meet richardson

In the second part of his satire on the television travelogue,
John Richardson and wife Lucy Beaumont get to compare Whitby to their next port of call, Blackpool (“It’s World Heritage vs. Faded Glory,” says Lucy). As John screams about motorway service stations and gets excited to take a ride on The Big One rollercoaster, Lucy praises her love of Channel 5’s Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun and explains why.

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