BBC Plan To Reboot Gladiators Frenzy Fans

BBC’s plan to reboot Gladiators sends fans into frenzy ‘Please let there be a new jet!’The BBC is planning to bring Gladiators back to the screens after a 20-year hiatus – and fans of the original show are thrilled.

Hope to revive BBC Gladiators

The BBC is hoping to revive the Gladiators. Saturday Nights was a hugely popular event in the 1990s. The show saw extremely fit members of the public as a team of ‘Gladiators’. BBC One is understood to be in talks with rights holders MGM Studios to restart the series early next year.

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The success of the show also made some gladiators household names.

Some of the most famous warriors were Jett, aka Diane Eudell and Wolf. Real name is Michael van Wijk. Broadcast Magazine reported. Filming for the reboot is expected to begin at Sheffield Arena next year.

According to the publication, a new set of early gladiators for the show

A final decision on casting is expected after talks with the broadcaster are over. It is understood that there have been calls to bring back the original format with a suspension bridge and Travelator. Gladiators, which aired on ITV between 1992 and 2000 Presented by Ulrika Jonsson.

Swedish-British television presenter on prime time show with football star John Fashanu

Hungry Bear Media, a company founded by Holly Willoughby’s husband Dan Baldwin, is reportedly involved in plans to bring the Gladiators back to the screen. Sky briefly revived the series between 2008 and 2009. When it was presented by Ian Wright and Kirsty Gallacher. They were joined by original referee John Anderson. was famous for saying this. Contenders, ready! Gladiator, ready!”

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