Baywatch Star Donna D’Erico Flaunts Her Bikini Body

Donna D’Erico slams trolls, saying, ‘I can really wear whatever I want and do.

‘Baywatch’ and ‘Baywatch Nights’ from 1996 to 1998

Known for playing Donna Marco in “Baywatch” and “Baywatch Nights” from 1996 to 1998, Donna D’Errico took to Instagram to address her haters. D’Erico posted a stunning photo of herself in a white bikini to Instagram on Sunday, July 17, along with a snarky comment.

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The 54-year-old Baywatch alumna reassures her fans

The 54-year-old Baywatch alumna reassured her fans that she’s still so young. That she can upload pictures of herself wearing provocative swimwear. She clarified that the comment was in retaliation for the hate she received after she was seen wearing a bathing suit in a social media video on July 4. D’Arico wrote in the description of the post, “Here I am in my yard today with my beautiful new one. The parasol is made in Italy by @mario_talarico_since_1860. I’ve never owned or used a parasol before. But now I sun I’m super careful about the exposure of the K so I won’t be using it! And look how beautiful it is.

Women complain about 4th of July video

A lot of women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red, white, and blue bikini. Because they thought I was ‘better than him’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’. And, my favorite, ‘Desperate’, D’Erico wrote in its caption. “Let me tell you something that will surprise you. I can really and really do wear whatever I want. On that note, I’m sitting here in a bikini on a coffee table.

D’Errico wearing an American flag design beautiful bikini in the video

D’Errico displayed her toned body in the video wearing a beautiful bikini featuring the American flag design. She looked even more stunning because of her long hair, which fell on her shoulders. Fans and Hollywood colleagues defended her, praising her hot post, and applauding her confidence in the comments section. “Be you. You’re an amazing person, no matter how much Annie and I love you. ’90 Day Fiancé’ star David Toborowski commented.

Swimsuit photo of 53-year-old Donna D’Erico makes headlines

Others said their older people should be “jealous” and that they “need to have a life.” One fan said, “Good for you! If I looked so good I would post pics in a bikini every day. While another said, “I smell some ‘jealousy’.” You wear it well.” Only a year ago, a swimsuit photo of 53-year-old Donna D’Erico made headlines. The lovely actress looked younger than ever as she posted pictures of an umbrella on her Instagram account While posing in a white bikini.

The Young and the Restless actress Tracy Bregman

“I also found some amazing custom-made umbrellas,” D’Erico said. D’Erico fans on social media were captivated by her radiant presence. “You’ve got the most beautiful smile and eyes,” commented one fan. Another fan wrote, “Absolutely gorgeous you look unbelievably beautiful Donna,” while this other fan wrote. You are getting more and more stunning with each passing day. “The Young and the Restless” actress Tracy Bregman came out in support of her friend. Gorgeous and f anyone who tries to tear you down. You look unbelievable period.

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