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Bangladesh 20 Engineering Students Sentenced to Death

20 university students have sentenced to death in Bangladesh. This sentence has given for the murder of a youth who criticized the government on social media. 20 students who killed the youth in 2019 over an anti-government social media post have sentenced to death in Bangladesh. The body of 21-year-old Abrar Fahd, the student who murder, was found in a badly mutilated condition in his hostel room.

was murder for criticizing the government

According to the news, these students killed 21-year-old student Abrar Fahad for criticizing the government. Abrar had posted on Facebook against the Awami League, the ruling party in Bangladesh, in protest against the non-completion of the river water sharing agreement with India. He then beaten to death with a bat and other weapons. Abrar’s body was recover the next day from the hostel.

Abrar Fahad’s father expressed happiness in front of journalists

The father expressed happiness. The students who have been sentenced to death were all in the age group of 20 to 22 years at the time of the incident and studied with Fahad at the prestigious University of Engineering in Bangladesh. Farooq Ahmed, counsel for some of the accused, said that an appeal would made to the higher court against the verdict. Photos: Most horrific methods of death sentence Ahmed told the media, “I am deeply disappointed by this decision. It is injustice. They are young and among the most promising students in the country. There is enough evidence against some of them Even though they were not there, they were sentenced to death.

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Relations with Awami League’s student wing

The accused in Abrar’s murder belonged to the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), the student wing of the Awami League, the ruling party in Bangladesh. In the year 2019, all the accused of killing Abrar had escaped from there. After this, the BCL and the university administration had expelled all the accused students. There was a widespread protest against the killing of Abrar.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had also directed the BCL to expel the RP students immediately. Several non-political organizations opposed party politics in the institute and demanded a ban on it. PM Sheikh Hasina had left its decision on the university administration.

Punishment can challenged

Abrar Fahad’s father has expressed happiness in front of the journalists on this punishment. At the same time, Abrar’s mother hopes for the execution of the sentence at the earliest. Defense lawyers said they plan to challenge the sentence in the high court.

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