Band Members Around the Stage Including Weinstein and keyboardist Roy Bittan looked on With Concern For a Moment

Springsteen quickly went backstage to see Buell, and then eased everyone’s anxiety when he smiled and walked back to his flagship microphone, where he joked with the audience: ‘One man down.’ Once this happens the tense moment lightens up and turns back into a celebration of joy. That’s what a Springsteen show with the E Street Band has become for decades.

performing his duties for the next concert of The Boss and Baines

The good news: The roadie, Kevin Buell, did not appear to be suffering any serious injuries, and in fact, he was able enough to perform his duties for The Boss and Baines’ next concert which was two days away. was held later. Orlando Florida. One fan remarked that Buell has been working with Springsteen as a guitar tech for over 30 years and continues to grow.

Springsteen and the e street band 2023 tour,

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The so-called Springsteen and E Street Band 2023 Tour, which marks the first time since 2017 that Springsteen and the E Street Band have toured together, began on February 1 in Tampa, Florida, and is scheduled to end on December 8 in San Francisco. Francisco. Just two days ago, some new dates added to the tour which takes them around North America and Europe.

Music ‘Working Man’s Voice’

When those new shows posted on Springsteen’s Instagram page, many fans expressed their displeasure over the high ticket prices. ‘I saw a publication that puts it best. One fan wrote in the comments section what appears to be a summary of what other people are thinking.

By paying only $$ it says

‘Bruce, what’s up? Love Love. Amazing music by love, yours and the E Street Band but these prices are a little out of my range. I am just from a simple middle-class family. Most of the people who can afford those seats don’t even know your music and just pay $$ saying they can see you. I am so sad,’ another person shared on Instagram.

In November, The Boss addressed the skyrocketing prices for the band’s 2023 tour.

For the first time in his career, the 73-year-old New Jersey native told Rolling Stone that he opted to use Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model to sell tickets, which allows for extreme inflation based on demand, as That’s been reported by Page Six.

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