Backstage Podcast: Ant-Man Paul Rudd, The Gold, and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

This week Sky’s entertainment reporter Claire Gregory is joined by TV and movie reviewer Stevie Wong and arts and entertainment reporter Bethany Minelle.

Bethany BBC, The Gold, and Better

On this week’s show, Paul Rudd tells us what they’re up to in an alternate universe after Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantummania hits cinemas. Claire, Stevie and Bethany in the latest crimes of the BBC, The Gold and Better give their verdicts on the plays, which follow immediately after Happy Valley. If you liked The Gold, why not listen to The Hunt for the Brinks-Matt Gold from Sky News Storycast?

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Jenny Slate is her Oscar contender,

Marcel comes to talk about The Shell With Shoes On, and tells us why she thinks her new movie can compared to a swimming pool. Plus, if you’ve got something to do in your life this week, In need of a thriller, then listen to the team’s review of the new Apple TV+ movie Sharper, starring Julianne Moore and a dancing Sebastian Stan.

Claire, Stevie and Bethany make their predictions

What could happen at Sunday’s BAFTA Film Awards? Claire, Stevie and Bethany make their predictions. If you’re looking for any movies to watch before Sunday, check out this handy guide from Sky Arts and entertainment reporter and friend of the podcast Gemma Peplow.

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