Backless Scars Seen In Urfi Javed Backless Dress

Urfi Javed may not have been able to impress people in Bigg Boss OTT, but now the actress is constantly attracting the attention of people with her social media posts. Urfi has become an internet sensation today. Every post of Urfi remains viral on the internet. Now new pictures of Urfi have become a topic of discussion on social media.

New Delhi:- Bigg Boss fame actress Urfi Javed knows very well to take attention of people. She is very active on social media and her pictures keep going viral on social media. The bold avatar of the actress often remains in the discussion among the fans. Sometimes a plastic bag, sometimes a top showing bra and sometimes a top made of socks, her dress comes out as a viral material every time. Now once again Urfi is on the target of people for her strange dress.

Urfi Has Posted Two Pictures Of Herself In A Blue Color Backless Dress

Actually, Urfi has recently posted two pictures of herself in a blue color backless dress on her Instagram account. In the photo, Urfi seen reading the menu of food while sitting in a restaurant.Pictures of Urfi taken from the back. And in both the pictures, Urfi is flaunting her back. Along with this, Urfi has also said a special thing about the grains and their marks on his waist.

Then Flaunt’s Back, Got Trolled

Urfi Javed has been in constant discussion ever since she became a part of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. However, now the actress has shared such pictures of her, due to which she trolled. In these pictures, she is wearing such a top that her entire back is visible. His top is much shorter than the back. That’s why people are trolling him now. See these pictures.

Said this Thing About Your Back

In this picture she seen sitting in a restaurant. In the caption, she wrote, ‘The menu is very funny. And yes I have acne and scars on my back, I could have edited it easily, but I do not want to. There have been reports of acne and marks on my back. No one has perfect body or face or skin. I still love my body. I will keep doing this.

People Gave Such Captions

Seeing these pictures, people getting angry, in the comment, a user has written, ‘Your dressing sense funny.’ One user wrote, ‘Hey, ashamed, madam.’ is praised.

Urfi Has Also Written A Caption With His Backless Pictures

Which is discussed a lot. Urfi wrote in the caption- “Yes I have pimples and marks on my back. I could easily edit them. But I don’t want to do that. News articles also printed on my back pimples and marks. Face or skin is not perfect at all. I still love my body and I will continue to do so.” Trolling once again.

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