Babestation Stunner Zoe Gray Says I Love Other Men When My Boyfriend Is At Work

Babestation stunner Zoe Gray talks about her swinging lifestyle on the Option One podcast. She sends attractive pictures and videos to her boyfriend when he is busy with work.

Zoe Gray turns beautician into Babestation star

The beautician-turned-Babstation star has been equally daring in front of the camera as she revealed that she’s a swinger in her personal life. Zoe Gray has been in the adult TV company for over a year. And outside of acting she is in a long-term committed relationship with her boyfriend. Joe likes it when he’s at work, sleeping with other people.

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Zoe Gray’s Swinging Your Way Lifestyle on the Option One Podcast

The live model opened up about her lifestyle change on the Option One podcast. So many times we like to go to sex club. We exchange couples a lot. “He’ll hook up with other women and I’ll hook up with other men. We like to do this in the same room situation so we can both see each other. I like to look at him and he likes to look at me.” And we both get off on it.

How he chose against monogamy in the first place

“We’ve been doing this for what I think has been about four years.” When asked how she chose against monogamy in the first place, Zoe explained: “It was discovered very quickly when we were chatting and dating.” It started with him, he likes the idea of seeing me and it started that way. When he was at work he would watch me and I would watch people and send him pictures and videos.

Zoe gray also attends swingers sex club with her boyfriend

Then I brought up the subject of trying and looking at clubs and it just went from there. Zoe, from London, now attends a couples-only swingers sex club with her boyfriend. She said you “don’t do it with just anyone” and described how there was once a bar area and dance floor where people meet and have a Know the other. The age range at the club is dominated by people in their 30s – although it has seen more young couples of late.

For bstation presenter

Sex is just sex for the Babestation presenter, and one of their rules is that they don’t kiss other people. Because they consider it a more intimate act that is better left to itself. As for feelings of jealousy between her and her partner, she said: “There’s no jealousy. We have our rules and I think that’s the main thing as long as we communicate with each other. In this way, He’s convinced they’re a strong match for it.

Send me a message and we’ll talk about it

“There have been times that I’m not happy with things, he’s not happy with things. But we talked about it and it didn’t happen again so communication is the key. If my half is out and someone Sounds tempting, all he has to do is send me a message and we’ll talk about it and he can if he wants to.

But did he say?

Zoe believes that swinging is still stigmatized in society, but she said it’s becoming less taboo. Because more people are open about it, however, despite progress being made, negativity still creeps in. About having sex with other people. “Whereas sometimes, not all the time, in a traditional relationship they settle down and do it behind your back anyway.”

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