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Babar Azam Warns India Before T20 World Cup

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, the Pakistan team is to face the Indian team on 24 October at the Dubai ground. Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, made a big claim about this match.

Warning to the Indian team

Babar Azam has given a warning to the Indian team before its debut match of the T20 World Cup. Babar Azam says that Pakistan will defeat India in the mega event. Babar Azam said ahead of the limited-overs series against New Zealand, “There will be pressure on India because we want to start our campaign with a win.

Pakistan player aware confident of defeating him

India will be playing the match under pressure. Pakistan team is used to playing in UAE. And the Pakistani players are aware of the situation there. We are confident of defeating them in our opening match.” Babar has also said that India will play the T20 World Cup after league cricket.

Best chance to beat India at the start of T20 World Cup

The Pakistan captain further said, “They will come playing league cricket. And thus it will not be easy for Indians to adjust to international cricket. Where the demand is different. It will not be easy for India to adjust directly to international conditions. On the other hand, For Pakistan, this will be just one run of international cricket. So we feel we will be in a better position to beat India at the start of next month’s T20 World Cup.”

Babar Azam said that the United Arab Emirates i.e. UAE is better information

Babar Azam said that no team in the world would be better equipped with the wickets requirements of the UAE. Like the Pakistan team. They say “Pakistan is the team that has been playing in the UAE for years. And they have a better idea of ​​what the requirements are on the occasion.” At the same time, before the limited-overs series against New Zealand, he has said that the selectors have picked the best team.

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