Austin Butler Took the Horrific Method of Gaining weight for Ryan Gosling-inspired Elvis

Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis Presley in the film was well received by critics, earning him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor as well as winning a Golden Globe for the Best Actor category. Not only did Butler’s makeup and costume team do a fantastic job of reaching an uncanny resemblance to Elvis, but Austin added charm to the performance with the emotional aspects of the role.

Austin Butler mentioned

In an interview with Variety, Austin Butler mentioned that he used the weight gain techniques employed by Ryan Gosling for The Lovely Bones. Butler’s portrayal of an aged Elvis Presley in the film required him to gain extreme weight.

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Weight for a portrait of Elvis Presley

Butler said in the interview that he heard about The Lovely Bones’ Ryan Gosling method, in which he would microwave Häagen-Dazs and drink it afterward. So Austin Butler started doing the same to gain weight for his portrayal of the older Elvis Presley. The actor said that he would get two dozen donuts and would eat them all. This really helped him put on weight. Butler further added that the technique was fun for the initial week and he began to feel terrible about himself. Although Ryan Gosling’s melted ice cream technique helped Austin Butler pack on a few pounds quickly, it cost the actor The Lovely Bones dismissed from

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