Augusta Crowd At Raw Women Champion Bianca Belair WWE Sunday Stunner

WWE Superstars are returning to the James Brown Arena for the WWE Sunday Stunner on Sunday, April 24. The event will see strong action from superstars like The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, Seth Freaking Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor. Bobby Lashley, The Miz, and Riddle. Another advertised match is a Triple Threat Match for the Raw Women’s Championship between Bianca Bellair, Becky Lynch, and Rhea Ripley.

Hardest, Fastest, Biggest, best,” said Belair?

“Everyone can expect a show that you do not want to miss. I’ll be there, I’ll face Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat match, and they’ll come for the Raw Women’s Championship. So you will see me defending my title. Just so you know, every time I step into the ring, I’m going to show this. I am the EST of WWE, and I am the strongest, fastest, toughest. Toughest, Fastest, Biggest, Best,” said Belair. We had the chance to sit down with the Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, to talk about the event, her rise in WWE, and more.

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Our whole Goal is to put a smile on the Faces of Wrestling fans

“The vibe is completely different. When I first debuted it was in front of zero fans. I had to connect with fans through a camera and a TV screen. So ever since we’ve been back on the road, I’ve almost I’ve been to every single live event and it’s been amazing. Anyone who comes to a WWE show knows. The audience, the fans, are the ones who bring the energy, and they bring this energy and this vibration, and they’re the boos and the cheers. Hey, that’s all. Our whole goal is to put a smile on the faces of wrestling fans, so it’s very different that we miss the fans so much when they come back and we’re happy where we are now.

Is it true that you actually make your own Gear?

“I do. I make all my gear, I design almost all my gear and I sell it. I’ve been sewing since I was little but I don’t know how to sew professionally I learn everything through trial and error and through YouTube, but I love doing it because when I’m in the ring I feel even more empowered by the fact that I’ve made my own gear I am in the gear I make when I look at my action figures or watch video games. So, it’s a big part of who I am and what I like to make my own gear,” said Belair.

Last Question What would you say to the fans Looking Forward to the Event?

“I would say it’s an event and a show that you don’t want to miss. You’ve got the best of both worlds. It’s sports entertainment, it’s like watching your favorite basketball or soccer game, watching your favorite soap opera.” Or combined with watching an action movie, it’s the best of both worlds. Come on you won’t regret it. WWE’s EST will defend my title there and you won’t want to miss this show if you didn’t go to an event So come on and you’re going to fall in love and you’re going to be apart of the WWE Universe and we can’t wait for you,” Belair said.

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