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At This Place You Will Be Surprised To See Slippers And Statues Made From Cow Dung.

Ritesh Aggarwal, a cattle rearer who makes cow dung slippers, believes this. A large number of cows in the country fall ill by eating plastic.

Slippers and devices made from cow dung,

Slippers are such a thing that everyone uses in their daily life. If it breaks, then sometimes you have to face trouble. But, have you ever heard of slippers made of cow dung? Yes, you read it absolutely right. This special slipper is being made in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Ritesh Aggarwal, a cattle rancher from Raipur, has come up with a very unique idea and made slippers using cow dung instead of plastic. Everyone is surprised to hear about this special chappal.

Ritesh Agarwal believes this

Let us tell you that the animal husbandman Ritesh Aggarwal, who makes cow dung slippers, believes this. A large number of cows in the country fall ill by eating plastic. Many of them also die because of plastic. In such a situation, every person should try and try to reduce the production of plastic. Along with making slippers, he makes slippers, lamps with the help of cow dung. They also make bricks and idols of God. It also provides employment to 15 people. The specialty of this sandal is that even after soaking in water for 3 to 4 hours, it does not spoil.

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this is the price of slippers

Ritesh Agarwal came to buy slippers. People have been asked to check sugar and BP level to get information about its health benefits. Giving information about its price, he said that a pair of slippers is 400.

Apart from slippers, Divyakant has made idols of cow dung.

Idols of dung Ganesh, Laddu Gopal, Radha Krishna, Saraswati, Ram Sita, etc. have been made. They say that the idols purify the environment because they are made of cow dung. Also, they are completely eco-friendly, organic. Wherever they are immersed, they only benefit that land. They range from six inches to several feet.

Dubey says that he loves cows.

Cows that do not give milk are considered useless and left to die. So he started working on cow dung. People should keep the cow at least for cow dung and do not leave it unattended. They say that some governments are making policies regarding the cow, but now there is a need to take these policies to the people and take them forward.

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