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Astronauts Grew Chillies in Space

Astronauts keep doing some new experiments every day in the International Space Station. He has grown chilies in space after a long experiment. These chilies are similar to capsicum and thick chilies. Astronauts threw a taco party for themselves after harvesting their harvest to celebrate it. Astronaut Megan McArthur shared photos of tacos made from unique peppers grown at such a distance from the earth, on her Twitter account, which are very spectacular.

Astronauts grew chilies in space

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration curated a unique chili plant for 4 months in outer space and grew chilies in it. When these chilies became big, the astronauts used them to make special dishes.

Taco made using chili

Astronauts on the ISS made tacos and parties using chilies for the celebration. An astronaut named Megan McArthur posted pictures of the tacos and showed how the dish was made with fresh chili.

Posting pictures on it, he wrote – After harvesting, we got red and green chilies. We made our best space tacos ever.

ISS says

The pepper grown in space is grown from Espanola Improved Chili. This was discovered in New Mexico Hatch Valley. According to NASA, it can be eaten in both green and red forms. The ISS says that growing chilies is more difficult than other crops.

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Megan MacArthur has been in space since April. He has told that green chili is the newest fruit among the plants grown in space. Apart from this, Chinese cabbage, Russian kale, lettuce have also been grown in space.

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