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Asked Virat Kohli Do You Have a Private Jet Video Went Viral

In a video, Virat Kohli is seen trying to speak with air from a helium gas balloon. During this time Virat was asked the question of whether he has a private jet, did he do a web series?

He was seen trying to speak with air from a balloon

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli is also one of the top athletes in terms of money. Often their vehicles are discussed. Not only this but it is also said that he has a private jet. Now he himself has given information about this. Not only this, but people had also questioned on social media about the role of Virat in a famous web series. Virat answered all these funny questions in a video.

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Virat Kohli also replied about alkaline water that he does not drink it every day but he does use it sometimes. While talking about his studies, Virat Kohli says as well. That he has been an average student.

Virat Kohli shared a video clip on social media

Virat Kohli shared a video clip on social media on Wednesday. In a promotional video of a company, he tried to speak with air from a helium gas balloon. When a person tries to speak after filling this gas in the mouth, there is a lot of change in the voice. Not only this, sometimes the voice of the boy becomes like that of a child or a girl. Virat is also seen saying something similar in this video.

During this, the questions searched on Google about myself were answered.

During this, Virat, who hails from Delhi, answered the questions searched on Google about himself. There was a question in this whether Virat has a private jet, then he said – no, it is a rumor. Apart from this, asked him if he had played the role of a professor in a web series, he said – no, his face meets something. But I did not work in the web series. Apart from this, asked him how he was studying in school, then he said – was an average student. Yes, never became a topper.

Virat Kohli shared a funny video on his social media

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli’s style is quite different on and off the field. Whether answering the opposing team with anger or having fun with the team, captain Virat Kohli always looks different. Virat Kohli often posts promotional videos on his social media. Virat Kohli has shared one such funny video on his social media.

The video has been viewed over 15 lakh times

This video has been viewed more than 15 lakh times on Instagram so far. The Indian team will play Test series against South Africa from 26 December under the captaincy of Virat. He will have a big responsibility in this 3-match series. Because India has never won a Test series on South African soil.

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