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Ashwin Got Angry at the Umpire For Repeatedly Interrupting

R Ashwin, the veteran spinner of the Indian cricket team, is known for the controversies he had with him on the field. A controversy also joined him in the first match of the two-match series being played against New Zealand in Kanpur.

What caused the controversy

When Ashwin started bowling on the third day, he was getting close to the danger area in the follow-through. The umpire believed that Ashwin was stepping into that area after bowling. The umpire stopped him several times during the bowling, not one or two. Ashwin knew very well that he was within his limits and was following the rules. He tried to convince the umpire Nitin but the matter not resolved. Captain Rahane also came in the middle of the debate but the umpire did not agree.

Spinner Ashwin furious at umpire Nitin Menon

After the start of the third day, Indian spinner Ashwin decided to bowl round the wicket before bowling the fourth ball of the 77th over. After bowling the first ball from a new angle, umpire Nitin Menon told the off-spinner that his action ending right in front of his eyes. In such a situation, he is not able to see the line of the ball properly.

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Very difficult to decide lbw

The umpire, in his stand, said that due to Ashwin’s action, he is not clearly visible and in such a situation it will be very difficult for him to take the decision of LBW.

To which Ashwin replied that ‘if he is finding it difficult to give a decision. so ok I will use DRS as it helps me to bowl from this angle.

Decision to get Axar Patel to bowl by giving break to captain Rahane Ashwin

The matter did not end there, after the 79th over the umpire said that Ashwin’s running in the followthrough and the non-striker’s line made it difficult for him to pick up singles early. After which the captain Rahane decided to give a break to Ashwin and get the pair of Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel to bowl.

Coach Dravid meets match referee Srinath K

When all this was going on on the field and the matter became serious. Umpire Nitin was stopping Ashwin again and again. Seeing all this, coach Dravid went straight to meet the match referee Javagal Srinath. He was happy when he was returning after talking to the referee. After this there was no talk between the umpire and Ashwin.

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