Ashley Marty Not Interested In Returning To Series From Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Ashley Marty from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has no interest in returning to the series. She was also a no-show in Season 3 of the Below Deck reunion special. This comes as no surprise as she turned out to be the villain of this season. Ashley was criticized for everything from her work ethic to her behavior. In the middle of the season, he was first charged with assault when Gary King was drunk.

Amidst the reaction on social media

Gary claims that he does not remember what happened that night in the master suite. Ashley says they are connected. But, fans feel that he took advantage of her. Amid the backlash on social media, Ashley decided not to attend the reunion. Now, she claims that she only makes more money from fans than Bravo.

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Sailing and moving on from bravo

Ashley Marty claims Bravo doesn’t get paid enough. She never wants to return to the Below Deck franchise again. In late March, it announced its new OnlyFans page. On Tuesday, June 28, Ashley revealed that she has had success with a similar job before joining sailing. As previously reported by TV Show Ace, Ashley worked as a webcam model. And the same ritual is underway with its new OnlyFans page.

Ashley Marty tweeted

“Just want to thank BravoWWHL for the free promotion!” Ashley Marty tweeted. “I like to wake up and see that in a few hours, I’ve made more money than I paid for.Bravo for 6 weeks.” His comment caught the attention of Below Deck fans. Some of them took to his tweets to share their thoughts. Ashley Marty becomes the punching bag of Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Even Gary defends her at the reunion.

Ashley Marty is now on OnlyFans

Ashley Marty had earlier shared the details of her OnlyFans page on Instagram. It charges $12.50 per subscription. According to the Daily Mail, Ashley has over 4,1000 subscribers to the site. This equates to $51,000 per month in earnings. However, most of her main audience was older men who were not interested in the Bravo franchise. They mostly used to ask her suggestive questions about her body and her OnlyFans page. The success of her new venture comes after her absence from the most recent episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Ashley Marty wrote in her previously deleted the Instagram Story

Ashley Marty makes good use of her male fanbase on Instagram. She didn’t shy away from them. That was the main audience of his Instagram Live on Sunday, June 26. As she left the reunion special, Ashley addressed Below Deck fans during their live stream. “I want to let all of my supporters know that I’ve done the reunion,” Ashley Marty wrote in her already-deleted Instagram Story. have decided not to participate.”

What do you think of Ashley Marty?

Rather, she participated in a two-part live stream. The second part ended on his OF page. What are your thoughts about Ashley Marty making more money with fans only than Bravo? Does this surprise you? Turn off the sound in the comments section below. Check back with the TV show Ace for more news on Ashley Marty.” At the time it was filmed, I didn’t have the energy, nor the desire to be a puppet for Bravo. Plus this feeling Apart from doing that I won’t be able to fully tell my side of the story because of the editing.

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