As Young and Restless Fans Vie For A Diane Phylles Showdown

Longtime viewers of The Young and the Restless will remember that there is no love lost between Phyllis and Diane. This week, the two women will once again face themselves when Phyllis joins Jack in Los Angeles, and with the promo calling Diane the “ultimate bad girl,” we’ll bet Phyllis to beat her rival any day of the week. But you will spend your money.

The Women in Jack’s Life are on a Collision Course

Meanwhile, new viewers have found themselves with many questions about Diane’s story, and her “murder” in particular. While the show has done a decent job of filling in the blanks using both dialogue and carefully crafted flashbacks, questions remain… and we’re here to answer them. Not only was Deacon on canvas when the story of Diane’s murder surfaced in late 2011 and early 2012, but he was causing almost as much trouble as he was. Heck, he used the “truth” about Diane’s murder to blackmail Nikki into a short-lived marriage.

Diane and Phyllis Reunite

Shortly before, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) learns that Diane (Susan Walters) is alive. After Jack (Peter Bergman) informs Phyllis that his nemesis is not dead, the furious redhead makes his way to Los Angeles. Half of the people in Genoa City had reason to want a troubleshooter (played by Maura West at the time, now General Hospital Vixen Ava). The night his head was crushed with a stone, he had a confrontation with several local people. Eventually, it is revealed that Nikki killed her opponent in self-defense. Leaving Deacon, proceeds to say that he will hit Diane with a rock after Nikki to make it look like someone stronger has acted.

Billy Requests to Meet Victoria

After seeing Victoria (Amelia Henley) forgive and hug Ashland, Billy (Jason Thompson) seeks answers from his ex. Billy shows up at the Newman-Locke offices, now requesting to speak to Victoria. Ashland and Victoria are not happy that Billy has joined their conversation. Little does Billy know that Victoria has her own master plan to take revenge on her husband? Billy has a way of skewing things, so Victoria wants him to stay out of business.

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