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Arvind Kejriwal Attacked The Modi Government On The Farmers Movement

Arvind Kejriwal has targeted the central government on the first anniversary of the opposition to the three agricultural laws

Arvind Kejriwal said on the completion of one year of the farmers’ movement

Today (November 26) the farmers’ movement against the agricultural laws of the central government completed one year. The central government had to bow down in front of the farmers’ protest and had to withdraw all three agricultural laws. Even after this move of the government, the farmers are standing on the borders of Delhi and their movement is going on. On the first anniversary of the protest against all three agricultural laws, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has targeted the central government. He said that the Center passed all the three black laws from Parliament on the basis of its majority without asking anyone. The government thought that farmers would come, scream, shout and leave.

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The souls of the martyr farmers will rest in peace.

The Chief Minister of Delhi said that with the return of agricultural laws, the souls of 700 martyr farmers will get peace. During this movement, the farmers were called Khalistani. Abusive words were also spoken, but they sat peacefully. Eventually, the government had to bow down. This movement was no less than the freedom struggle.

BJP surrounds Delhi government

On the one hand, Kejriwal has surrounded the central government on the issue of agricultural laws. So there the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has targeted the Delhi government. During the proceedings of the Delhi Assembly today, BJP MLAs demanded a hearing on various issues like new liquor policy, rising air pollution in the city, and high Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel.

The death of 700 farmers is sad.

CM Kejriwal said The water of the water cannon dried up in front of the strong courage of the farmers. The stick was broken, the nail melted but the government could not break the spirit of the farmers. Today one thing is sad that more than 700 of our farmers lost their lives. Their lives could have been saved had this law been withdrawn earlier. My salute to these martyrs who were ruined by more than 700 families, I salute their families.

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