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Artificial Sun China Artificial Sun Has Risen Where is Ours

Chinese scientists are doing great work in all areas of Big Science, that is, science with a large structure. But China’s media machinery, which presents his work on the world stage, is doing a better job than him. Many times such news of Chinese scientific breakthroughs also dominates the global media. Months have passed since that happened. For example, the news of the creation of an artificial Sun in China just a few days ago, which is seen patrolling around us, is related to maintaining the plasma temperature of 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds in June last.

China’s Artificial Sun is Ready

However, this is not news that should be jumped upon. Even the Chinese themselves do not believe so. The tokamak framework in which these experiments are being done. India had done the experiment of maintaining plasma temperature for 0.4 seconds in its Aditya project with the same in 1989. This project renews in 2016 but the news related to it is not known why it is not heard at all now. From the outside, only two reasons for this are understandable.

Challenging Job

One is that India is part of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project in southern France since 2006, and futuristic fields such as fusion energy form part of the country’s science budget. Sara’s whole is going on this item. Fusion energy certainly holds great hope for the world battling global warming. But getting the plasma temperature several times that of the Sun is only a part of this Bhagirathi effort. Keeping it for a long time is a far more challenging task.

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Chinese scientists raised the name of their country

Which first South Korean and then Chinese scientists have certainly raised the name of their country by crossing the limit of 100 seconds. Iter itself aims to take it down to 1000 seconds (about 17 minutes). Well, what is plasma? Broadly speaking, atomic debris, which includes both negatively charged electrons and positively charged nuclei. The special thing is that plasma is a charged substance and it can be rotated and pressed in any way with electromagnets. This debris is obtain only at very high temperatures, some 15 million degrees centigrade. Although it can heated too much, too much.

Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor Starts On Work

The news is about the commencement of work on the Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR), where, in addition to the ongoing work in these 19 regions, three pilot plants – the HL-2A( HL-2A) located in the neighboring Chinese province of Sichuan, located in Hefei East, India mentioned above. M) and J-Text based in Hubei will test together. In a way, it will be an amalgamation of three pilot plants in France, Iter, Demo, and Effie.

The goal is to maintain the elevated temperature of the plasma for only 1000 seconds

India should understand very well that we will not get anything just by putting 9 percent of its share in the expenses of Iter, because we have no interference in ‘Demo’ and ‘IFFMIF’. All the work related to converting it into electricity is going on in the demo.

Sometimes we look to Russia, sometimes France, and sometimes America for even small supplies of goods and technologies related to the region. Even if we invest 100 percent, not nine percent, in Iter, around 2040, when fusion energy is emerging as a real alternative to the world’s energy needs,

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