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Army Weapons Stolen From Goods Train In America

A young man was arrested in New York’s capital, Albany, who had found an army gun, but when asked about how his gun got here, he had no answer. There have been many such cases here.

Army weapons stolen in America

Incidents of theft in trains are increasing in America. Dozens of guns have also been stolen from robbed freight trains in Los Angeles. America’s image around the world has been tarnished after train brinjal broke into a big city like Los Angeles. The city’s top police officer Michael Moore has said that the robbers fled with more than the Amazon packet. Michael Moore told the police commission this week that people were breaking into train containers and stealing weapons.

Dozens of guns were also stolen from goods train

Los Angeles police officer Michael Moore believes the robbery is likely to spark violence again in the city. Parcel packets of many other companies including Amazon were found near the railway tracks. It is said that when long goods trains stop on the tracks, the waiting thieves break the locks with bolt cutters. In Los Angeles, parcels are carried on a large scale with the help of freight trains. Most of these are parcels from companies like UPS and FedEx. These parcels loaded in trains are the target of thieves. Thieves cross these parcels by goods train, despite being properly locked tightly. After removing the goods from the parcel, the thieves escape by throwing the packing on the track itself.

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Train robbery increased in America

Weapons purchased online in the US cannot legally be shipped to customers. It can be sent to a licensed dealer for pick-up. Los Angeles County has seen a 160 percent increase in thefts. Rail operator Union Pacific’s convoy is being targeted since December 2020. An average of more than 90 containers were vandalized every day in Los Angeles County in the last quarter of 2021.

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