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Are Ready To Pay 3 Lakh Rupees For A Fish Let Know What Is The Specialty

Aquarium trader in UP’s Bulandshahr has such a fish. On whose skin a figure like ‘Allah’ and ‘Mohammed’ is written. This fish of Oscar species is kept in the aquarium of Hindu businessmen. Many people are ready to pay up to 3 lakh rupees to buy it.

Knowing the price of fish, the stain will go away

A fish in Uttar Pradesh remains a topic of discussion these days. It is being claimed that the figure of Allah and Mohammed is seen on this fish of Oscar species. The special thing is that the fish is growing in the aquarium of the Hindu merchant. This fish of Oscar species was bought by the businessman three years ago by the businessman of Krishna Nagar Colony of Police Station Kotwali Nagar area of ​​Bulandshahr. For the last 10 years, the Hindu trader is doing aquarium and fish farming.

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A Muslim man reached a Hindu merchant to shop

This fish of Oscar species came into the limelight when a Muslim man reached a Hindu merchant to shop. His eyes fell on this fish. He claimed that Allah and Mohammed are written on the skin of this fish of Oscar species. As soon as the news of the names of Allah and Mohammad written on the fish spread in the city, then there was an influx of people who came to see the fish at the merchant’s place.

Many people have also contacted to buy this fish.

The Hindu trader claims that people belonging to the Muslim religion have put the price of this fish up to three lakhs. The Hindu businessman told that he had bought this fish three years ago. He does not know Urdu, because of this he was not aware of this specialty till now. However, the Hindu trader is not ready to sell this fish.

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