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Architectural Villa Overlooks a Celebrity popular City in Sardinia, Italy

The Italian resort town of Porto Cervo is located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, a wealthy tourist destination in Sardinia known for its beaches, golf courses, and upscale hotels.

A pop-up lounge with cars and test drives

Adele recently stayed at a hotel with her boyfriend Rich Paul during a cruise vacation. Superyachts line the pier. Lamborghini is once again offering a pop-up lounge with cars and test drives. Throughout the year, the celebrity-magnet organizes such draws as a sailing regatta, a film festival, a polo match and a used car event does.

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group of islands between Italy and France

Among the architects who contributed to the development of the area is Sevin Couele. He also oversaw the redesign of this private residence, Villa Avelina, which sits on top of a hill overlooking the Marina and the Maddalena archipelago – a group of islands between Italy and France. French-born architect, who because of his world travels Describing himself as a gypsy, he applied his organic designs in places like Dubai, New Zealand and of course, Italy.

Mediterranean-origin house with large boulders gently sloping

The iconic style uses niches, arches and arches to create plays of shadow and light. Curved shapes and rough materials give their structures a sculptural feel – yet one that achieves balance with nature. Couelle worked on the villa’s three-year renovation, choosing its finishes and furnishings. Mediterranean The house of origin rises with a gently sloping site with large stones. A wide veranda below the house leads to a swimming pool with a generous surround and steps that descend into the water.

A contiguous villa with red-tiled roofs

Built-in seating lines one side of the veranda, which is covered by a timber-beam ceiling. The rest of the courtyard is open air. And it all takes in endless views of the blue sea. A stone wall along the pool anchors the structure to the yard below, which has mature shrubbery, trees, and lawns. A set of stones from the lower level of the house lead to the walled garden. Viewed from above, the many speckled red-tiled roofs give the impression of a cluster of small dwellings rather than a contiguous villa.

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