Aquaman Jason Momoa in Face-To-Face Accident With Motorcycle In Los Angeles

According to TMZ, the 42-year-old actor’s Oldsmobile muscle car rammed the bike into the side of the road on Sunday.

Police told American tabloids

The incident took place on Sunday when the actors were traveling on Old Topanga Canyon Road near the Calabasas area. The biker, who was traveling from the opposite direction, is said to have made contact with Momoa’s vehicle at the turn as it hit the side of the road. had crossed.

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Biker foot injury and minor toe injury

Fortunately for all parties, the biker is said to have landed on his feet before being taken to the hospital to be examined for a foot injury and minor toe injury. Despite the collision, which saw the bike bounce off the Aquaman star’s windshield See, neither party has suffered significant injury nor is the subject of any blame, it has been reported.

The police reached the spot and took the report, but no further action was taken.

But it doesn’t seem like a one-off deal, the source said, adding that the pair are “hoping they can make it work”. Momoa was seen supporting her new partner at the premiere of her new film Ambulance, in which she stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

In May, a spokesperson confirmed their relationship by saying

They are dating. He cares for her. He’s in a great place, working on Fast X.” But sources close to the new couple said: “It’s not a very serious situation right now and they’re both seeing where it goes.” Spending time when they can and working it out between their two busy schedules.”

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