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Anuj Will Beat Death In Car Accident

In the Rupali Ganguly starrer TV show ‘Anupama’, the controversy about the divorce of Kavya and Vanraj is still going on. But in the meantime, another sad and heart-wrenching twist is going to come out in today’s episode. Today Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) will have a dangerous accident. Along with this, another accident is also waiting for him. Seeing this, the fans of ‘Anupama’ and #MaAn will be in shock.

The family engaged in connecting Kavya and Vanraj

In the past, we saw that the quarrel between Kavya and Vanraj increased to such an extent that the matter of divorce has reached between the two. After the announcement of Vanraj’s divorce, Kavya was furious and said many such things that the matter got more complicated. But after all this, now the entire Shah family will try to reconcile the two and keep the family atmosphere calm. Baa and Bapuji will support Kavya together and Samar will also take care of her.

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Vanraj assures Toshu

We will see that Toshu once again talks about going to meet his mother-in-law, Rakhi Dave, which makes his wife Kinjal furious. The two clash in the dining area itself. After this Vanraj assures his son Toshu that he is going to do some big work, so now he will not need to beg Rakhi for a job.

Anuj will beat death in car accident

Next we will see that Anuj is about to pick up Anupama in the car, but on the way due to the smoke, a big accident happens with Anuj trying to save a biker. Big pointed bamboos get inside Anuj’s car. But he survives this accident by defeating death. But in this moment he decides to propose Anupama as he remembers only her in the last moment of his life. So now he does not want to delay this work.

Anuj will talk to Anupama about his heart

After going through such a big accident, as soon as Anuj meets Anupama, he tries to tell with his eyes what is in his heart. He says I love you to Anupama. When Anupama is shocked to hear this, he tells that today he had an accident and even after going near death, he only remembered Anupama. .

Anuj will lay down his life for Anupama.

The matter did not end here, in the midst of this conversation some goons would surround Anuj-Anupama. These goons will try to snatch Anupama’s jewelery and will behave in a rude manner. Anuj will not tolerate this and he will collide with many people regardless of his life. During this, Anuj will get a hit on his head and he will faint. Anupama will take him to the hospital but the doctor will tell about Anuj going into a coma.

Will Anuj’s life be saved now or not? To what extent will Anupama go to save Anuj’s life? Whether the divorce of Vanraj and Kavya will be postponed will have to wait for the time to know.

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