Another WWE lawsuit Ready For Trial

The WWE is heading towards the biggest event of the calendar year, but it looks like they are going to hit the court first. Vince McMahon has been accused of various things over the past year. However, he returned to the Stamford-based promotion earlier this year as acting chairman of the board.

The company now faces a lawsuit

PW Insider reports that WWE is set to go to trial on February 27 before the Florida Middle District Court. Jackson Parsons, the victim of the incident, filed a lawsuit back in June 2021. He alleges that on July 22, 2019, Gaten Thomas hit him with the former’s car. Jackson was riding his bike.

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According to Bloomberg’s Mike Leonard

Vince McMahon is now facing a new lawsuit over his history of alleged sexual assault allegations and the money spent to cover it up. According to reports, unlike the first filed, this one could be different because they ” wish to separate their case from the consolidated action that could keep the claims related to the subpoena alive while interfering with any fee request.” Amidst the rumors of a WWE sale, it has also been reported by WON that each How much will the key person earn. Vince McMahon, being a major shareholder, would earn $2.5 billion from the $8 billion sale.

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